What determines good
software architecture?


Before directly diving into software architecture and determining factors to make it good, let’s understand what this software architecture is and why it holds so much importance. Almost 80% of the people who are engaged in software fields they have heard about this popular term “software architecture” but don’t really know what it stands for, so let’s see briefly what it means.

Software architecture is a plan that describes the set of aspects and decisions required to get a mind-blowing software at your fingertips, that should take into consideration all the requirements like performance aspects or security aspects, etc., the system organization and the communication among various system parts along with their dependencies, various Service Level Agreements and the technologies that are crucial for the success of a software project. So if you read the above lines once more the key thing that you can derive out of it is the ability to create important decisions like changing one part of the software can lead to a huge impact for the full software or not, the answer can be sometimes positive or sometimes negative and the problem starts creeping into when the answer turns out to be positive.

After getting an overview of the concept let’s point out the importance of good software architecture.

When you take up any software project the primary thing involved is the various agreements between all the stakeholders like user-side, client or management, etc. So having good software architecture can make it much easier to understand the working of the full process and making the decision process smooth and efficient.

Then comes the first decisions to be made and based on these decisions you start developing your software so these early decisions can have a huge importance on the rest of the project throughout its development life cycle.

If you are from a coding background you will very well know about the module concept and even if you are not, you can understand from your life and some decisions need to be reused in some parts of your life. Software architecture defines the model of the software and for a new project also you can reuse the model if you have good software architecture.

Now let us focus on the important points which make the software architecture well up to the mark.

For maintaining software the issues arrive mainly due to certain bugs, so the architecture must be strong and easy to maintain.

Then in a project there can be many non-technical members as well so always technical jargon should not be used in a software architecture the domain concepts must be simple so that it can be understandable by all.

For long-term use, it must be flexible and extensible only then it can be improved in its quality.

Customer requirements keep on changing, so good software architecture must be adaptable to the changing requirements and the performance should not suffer due to the changes.

Code repetition must be avoided as much as possible and refactoring should be easy in good software architecture

Hence, after reading this article you can be very much aware of how software architecture can be important and the factors that determine good software architecture. It’s always important to think about the long-term and allow it to support any kind of change so that your software can grow rapidly.

Software Architecture