What Are The Challenges In
Adopting Digital Transformation?


In this digital-era, it is hard to find a commercial enterprise or firm that's yet to reconfigure its organizational structure to include various technological aspects. Ever since the advent of the internet, innovation in technology has grown at an unprecedented rate and exerted its influence across all commercial sectors. However, despite the overwhelming digital influence, a substantial number of small-scale and medium-scale businesses out there depend on analogous, conventional operations. It is fair to say that digital transformation is essential for every type of organization regardless of its operational scale or product-type. Although digital transformation has a myriad benefits and helps businesses remain competitive in their respective markets, this strategy of going digital also has its own set of flaws. Let’s examine the various challenges that are often associated with digital transformation.

What exactly is digital transformation?

Before we delve into the different types of challenges that may arise from embracing this strategy, it is crucial to properly establish the correct definition of digital transformation. Nowadays, the term digital transformation has become a buzzword that is thrown around by business managers and executives along with other tech terms such as “cloud computing” or “artificial intelligence”.

But this, in no way, diminishes the imperativeness of digital transformation. To put it simply, digital transformation is a business decision that is aimed to streamline processes and enhance commercial value. Given the broad interpretation of the term, let us lay down a few essential characteristics that are definitely indicative of the digital transformation phenomenon. For instance, an enterprise that has been digitally reinvented is likely capable of rolling out products to the market at a high velocity. Similarly, any project management strategies that are characteristic of the agile methodology can be considered to be technologically proficient.

The many risks of ‘Going Digital’

Given the substantive digital movement, it is easy to be swept up by recent trends without sparing a moment to think about the possible repercussions of transforming and digitizing an entire business that is built from the ground-up. In this regard, let’s take a look at a few negative implications of digital transformation:

Strategic risks and failures

Impact on organization and culture

Lack of commitment and spirit

Digital Transformation