Why is code review important and
the top 10 tools used?


Let me start with a very basic question, who is a coder what do you think? A coder is someone who writes code and runs it? No, your concept is wrong a real coder is a person who can write code with as much fewer bugs as possible. Making this possible code review process is very important which determines any minute mistakes in a new code and also to comply with all the quality standards set by the organization.

Now in a development team assigned to a project, not all coders are responsible for this code review process that has to be decided before this process like for example it can be the senior developer who will conduct this process while junior developers can follow this feedback to improve their coding styles.

The code review process is crucial for a variety of reasons which include ensuring no bugs in the code or can help in minimizing the chances of any sudden issues and also it can assure that the new code has been written as per the contract made between the client and the organization and also to increase the efficiency of new code.

So it is quite understandable that the main aim of code review is to increase efficiency hence it can be very beneficial if we can use automated tools instead of manual intervention. Don’t worry; a lot of tools are already available which can automate the process of code review. Let us go through an overview of the top 10 tools that can be used for the same.

  • An open-source web-based tool for code review is the Review Board for which Python programming language with its installers, a database and a web server are the pre-requisites. Review Board can perform both pre-commit and post-commit code reviews.
  • Crucible is a commercial suite of tools that can review code, discuss changes in plans, and identify bugs across a host of version control systems.
  • Collaborator is another comprehensive peer code review tool which is built mainly for teams where the important thing is code quality.
  • Embold is another software analytics platform that reviews code from 4 aspects like code, design issues, metrics, and duplication and it can support over 10 programming languages and also equipped with plugins for various IDEs.
  • For developers who work on Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, and PowerBuilder the best code review that they can use is Visual Expert which can help them to reduce maintenance and avoid unexpected behavior.
  • If you want to opt for a simple and open-source code review tool you can use Code Brag which makes the review structured and entertaining.
  • Phacility provides another open-source tool Phabricator that will help you for code reviewing instead of downloading it you can even enjoy the cloud-hosted version of it.
  • A combination of bug tracker and code review that is a two-in-one powerful open-source web-based tool is Gerrit which is for Git repositories written in Java.
  • For collaborative code review, you can use the open-source and free online code reviewing web application which is Codestriker.
  • If you are a Java developer and searching you can blindly use JArchitect which sends a report containing the development of your project that can ease your task for customizing the code.

So, these are some of the tools which you as a developer can use for making your code reviewing process much smoother and hassle-free.

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